Fund Management

The Funds are managed by a Board of Trustees (“the Board”). The Board consists of nine trustees, namely four member representative trustees, four employer representative trustees and an independent trustee.

Trustees currently serving on the Board include:

  • Mr Sipho Mayisela (Chairperson) (SAEWA)
  • Mr Stephen Khola (Vice Chairperson) (ECA)
  • Mr Jeremy Gill (SAEWA)
  • Mr Micheal Straton (ECA)
  • Mr Mark Mfikoe (ECA)
  • Mr Robert Mc Alpine (SAEWA)
  • Ms Melissa Curtis (SAEWA)
  • Mr Eckard Van Zyl (ECA)
  • Ms Maemili Ramataboe (Independent Trustee)
  • Mr Mandla Mbukwane (Principal Officer)

The Board, with assistance from a variety of professional advisors, oversees the overall management of the Funds.

There are various committees to assist the Board to perform its fiduciary responsibilities as required by the Rules of the Fund and by the Pension Funds Act.

The four committees include:

  • The Governance, Risk and Audit Committee
  • The Administration Committee
  • The Communications Committee, and
  • The Operational Committee